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Niche Nourishment

Saucy Garlic Mushroom Chicken, Individual Meal

Saucy Garlic Mushroom Chicken, Individual Meal

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Tender chicken, thoroughly cooked and served with a creamy and savory sauce. (For those who are hesitant about mushrooms, they're pureed and hidden in this tasty sauce.) 
Includes chicken, sauce, and tender chopped broccoli. (yes, green beans are pictured... but it comes with broccoli currently.)

Contains one hearty serving.


Chicken + Sauce: pasture-raised chicken, coconut milk, chicken broth (pasture-raised chicken, filtered water, apple cider vinegar), mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, cassava flour, salt, black pepper, bay leaf

Broccoli: organic broccoli, filtered water, sea salt

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