I've always loved cooking. Some would say feeding people is my "love language!" From an early age, I watched my mom create delicious meals that nourished our family and many others! When someone had a baby or moved or started a new job, my mom was there with a hot meal to help them through the transition. It is my joy and honor to continue that legacy, and now serve the allergy-friendly community! 

When I was going through several health issues back in 2020, my doctor recommended that I cut gluten from my diet before I developed full-blown celiac disease. As I began healing my gut, I mourned the loss of many of my favorite foods. But alas, I'm about as stubborn as they come, so I set out to recreate many of those dishes, without the inflammatory ingredients. A few years later, a friend of mine was struggling to get dinner on the table each night, so I stepped in to prep her family's meals, and Niche Nourishment was born. 

Since January of 2023, I've been preparing meals in a commercial kitchen and delivering those meals monthly to the greater Indianapolis area. Visit us at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market and snag some sweet treats, frozen meals, and/or a hot breakfast!