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Niche Nourishment

Monthly Meal Subscription

Monthly Meal Subscription

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Subscription Package

Life can get busy, really quickly. Feeding yourself and/or your family can feel overwhelming. It's no small thing to eat sustainable and wholesome meals, especially if you also avoid inflammatory ingredients like gluten, or have food sensitivities. 

Don't give up just yet! Let me put dinner on the table for you... or rather, in your freezer. Try a subscription meal plan and each month, you can receive 24 individual-sized meals or 8 family-sized meals, fully cooked and ready to reheat. No grocery shopping, no chopping, no measuring, and no stressing. Just thaw, reheat, and enjoy a comforting meal without the inflammation. 

Individual size includes one serving per meal. Each month includes 24 meals.

Family size includes four servings per meal. Each month includes 8 meals.

  • Each month, you'll receive 24 individual/single serving meals.
  • Subscriptions for each month will be due on the 15th of the previous month. For example, subscriptions for April's Meal Plan are available through March 15, after which April subscriptions will close.
  • An email with the following month's menu will be sent on the 16th, with a Google Form link; I set the menu each month and give subscribers the choice to opt out of certain meals and replace them with duplicates of a different meal from that month's menu. For example, if you don't prefer pork, you can opt out of that meal and select multiples of a different meal that is offered that month. 
  • You can also request to add on extra individual or family sized meals of that month's offerings; you'll be sent a separate invoice for those extras. 
  • Google Forms should be submitted by the 18th; if the form is not filled out, the subscriber will receive the default menu, as detailed in the monthly menu email. For example, if you are satisfied with the menu as I've set it, then don't worry about filling out the Google Form.
  • Subscriptions will renew each month, unless you opt to pause or cancel in your account. 

Meals will be delivered at the beginning of each month, with a delivery date texted or emailed a few days in advance. You may also pick up your month's meals at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market, if you prefer. 

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